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A great piece of copy attracts the type of clients you want to work with and repels the ones you don’t—which saves you the hassle of weeding out the ideal clients from the ones that aren’t the perfect fit for you.

On the other hand, poorly written copy can send out the wrong message about your business and your brand or worse yet, get ignored altogether.

Think back to the last piece of copy you wrote for your business:

  • If it was a blog, did anyone comment on it?
  • If it was a social media post, did anyone like it or engage with it?
  • If it was a landing page, did it convert?

A lot of people think the reason no one reads their copy is because they don’t have super writing skills, but the truth is anyone can write great content as long as they understand how and why people respond to the things they read.

I want to see you write better content for your business. That’s why I’m giving you this tip sheet with 5 of the most common copywriting mistakes you’re probably making in your copy…and what you can do to fix them today.