Don't Stress. Outsource.

For all those times you thought to yourself, “I wish I could find someone to take care of writing all this content.”


It’s me. I’m someone.

You have great ideas, but…

A marketing department is a hive of activity with a lot of moving parts. And when time is at a premium, you have to decide what’s going to get your attention and what will have to wait.

Unfortunately, it’s your content marketing that usually gets sacrificed.

Because it takes time to write quality content. And it takes time to find an outstanding writer to do it for you.

I’m glad you found your way here, because I make getting your hands on first-rate content easy. I help marketers like you stay on top of your blogs, web copy, social posts, and email newsletters.

No hand-holding. No micro-managing. Just assign the work and I’ll make sure it gets done so you don’t have to.

Who Am I?

I’m Dianne Duckett. And I’ve spent the better part of 25 years working as a content writer, copywriter, and editor.

It feels like a lifetime ago that I graduated from college with a Journalism diploma. Back then, I was certain my end game was to grab a seat behind a copy editor’s desk at a daily newspaper. I never aspired to go as big as the Toronto Star or the Washington Post; the big markets (and the big city) never suited me much.

As it turns out, neither did the life of a newsie.

In 2015, I was bitten by the freelance bug and lured into a life of content marketing. Now I spend my days as a health and wellness freelance writer, working with companies that help people live their best life. 


There's a Better Way

You could work longer hours to try and get it all done, but in my experience, I’ve found that all hustling harder ever does is burn you out.

I think you know that, too. You wouldn’t be here now if you didn’t.

There’s a better way to hit your content marketing targets without sacrificing time with your family. Without constantly feeling overworked and exhausted. Without spending hours (and hours) sitting at a keyboard churning out content that you don’t even want to write.

And don’t worry: Handing over the reins doesn’t mean giving up your unique brand voice. I’ll match your tone and style so everyone thinks you wrote it all. It’ll be our little secret.




I was born and raised in Ontario, Canada and educated entirely in English.


I hold an associate degree in Journalism and have been writing professionally for 25+ years.



I specialize in health and wellness, but I can write on just about any topic or industry.

Fun Facts About Me

I'm hooked on podcasts and audiobooks.

My favorite podcast is The Mel Robbins Podcast and the first audiobook I ever listened to was Greenlights by Matthew McConaughey (“All right, all right, all right.”)

I hate the winter. (Yes, I know I'm Canadian.)

My favorite holiday is Canada Day solely because it falls smack-dab in the middle of summer.

I never get tired of watching Seinfeld.

My ability to quote lines from pretty much any episode is almost embarrassing. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

My very first job was as a server.

I worked at a pizza restaurant for a summer. When I started, another employee asked the manager why she’d hire someone who wasn’t even old enough to serve liquor. I was 18.

I'm practically addicted to Diet Pepsi.

Seriously. It’s a problem.

"Weird Al" Yankovic once serenaded me.

He walked through the crowd, stopped at me, and draped a scarf around my neck a la Elvis while he sang One More Minute three inches from my face.

I was voted "Most Likely to Have a Clean House."

I’d lose that contest today. Just ask anyone who’s ever set foot inside my house since 2006.

Wanna talk about a project?

I’d love to hear from you!