7 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

7 Reasons to Hire a Copywriter

Maybe you’ve been thinking about hiring a copywriter for a while, but you’re not sure if the investment is worth it. After all, you’ve heard the good ones cost a fortune.

Yes, there are copywriters out there who charge thousands of dollars to write sales pages and blogs. It’s reasonable to assume you’re not just paying for their copywriting ability, but for the years of experience they’ve cultivated to master their craft. They do it well, they work with high-end clients, and they demand a fee to match.

That doesn’t mean you can’t afford to hire a copywriter at all; it just means you need to find one that’s a better fit for your budget. But you should expect to pay for a specialized service, because that’s what copywriting is.

If you’re still on the fence and not entirely sure hiring a copywriter is worth the investment, here are 7 great reasons to add one to your team:

1. They can find the right words. Do you ever feel like you know what you want to say but you just can’t quite put it into words? Copywriters are masters at writing copy that perfectly captures the message you’re trying to get across. Plus, if you hire an industry-specific copywriter, they’ve got the experience you need to understand your niche and market.

2. They can spell the words right. It’s a common complaint among people who never excelled in English class: “My spelling is terrible.” Good news! Most copywriters DID excel in English class and they know which “there,” “their,” or “they’re” to use so you don’t look illiterate to people reading your content.

3. They have no emotional ties to your business. Part of the reason business owners struggle with writing copy is they have an emotional attachment to it. It’s difficult to separate how you think people should feel about your product or service from how they actually feel. That makes you less objective. Also, because you know so much about your business, it’s easy to forget your customers don’t share your extensive knowledge and may not understand the language or jargon you use. By hiring a copywriter, you’re setting up a system that fixes this: Your copywriter first needs to understand your product or service in order to effectively write copy about it.

4. They know persuasive language. If you’re not great with words, writing persuasive content will probably be pretty hard. Knowing which power words get an emotional response from readers (or viewers, in the case of videos) can make all the difference between sounding like an authority and sounding sleazy. Copywriters don’t just write words; they write content that persuades people to take action.

5. They know how to repurpose content. A well-written piece from a copywriter can be transformed into dozens of pieces of content. A copywriter can easily convert a blog into a collection of social media posts, a video script, and even infographics and lead magnets. This can save you hours of work trying to come up with these pieces on your own.

6. They write original content. Copywriters are experienced writers; that means you can expect plagiarism-free work from a professional who knows how to research and write copy properly and legally. The last thing you want to deal with is being hit with a lawsuit for copyright infringement because you pieced a blog or article together from information you found on the internet.  

7. They free up your time so you can do other things. There are things you have to do yourself, and there are things you can outsource. Hiring a copywriter frees up your time to do things in your business that only you can do, like setting budgets or making important connections. By outsourcing your content creation to a copywriter, you’re maximizing your time: You can take care of things that only you can do while a copywriter is moving you toward your content marketing goals.

There’s literally no business that wouldn’t benefit from hiring a copywriter. When you leave content creation in the capable hands of a copywriter, you’re able to grow your business with valuable content that will draw traffic to your website, your social channels, and even your brick-and-mortar business.

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